Reservations at The Cultured Pearl Rooftop Deck and Koi Pond


Reservations are recommended and can be made here using Resy. For assistance booking large parties, special occasions, or other events please call us at (302) 227-8493 or use our email form.

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Please Keep in Mind:

RESERVATIONSReservations are not required but they are highly recommended, especially during peak dinner hours (6pm to 8pm) all year round.ROOFTOP DININGIf you reserve an outdoor table please note that Mother Nature may prevent us from seating you or allowing us to continue outdoor service after you are already seated. When this occurs, boxing your meals, getting on our wait list, or rescheduling for another date may be your only options. Prior indoor reservations may prevent us from relocating you inside. Please note! Double booking inside and outside reservations is selfish, is not permitted, and will result in the cancellation of both of your reservations!LARGE PARTIESWe can accommodate large parties! However, the maximum number of guests we permit at one table is 12. When booking online and dividing up your large group yourself, please remember that a “children’s table” may not be visible from where the adults are seated. Also, the tables may have different servers and may not be seated at the same time, if a prior reservation is delayed.RUNNING LATEWe allow a 15-minute late period before canceling your reservation so please leave yourself time to find parking and call us if you are running late so we can do our best to hold your table.DURATION OF RESERVATIONWe have designed our reservation system to allow what we feel is adequate time for different party sizes to dine. Please be respectful of the next reservation and check with your server before lingering too long to enjoy our beautiful views or our great entertainment. Need more time? Come enjoy our non-reserved liquor bar and tall table seating or relax by booking the last available reservation of the night and any of our tables can be yours till closing! 
Reservations at The Cultured Pearl Private Party Room Reservations at The Cultured Pearl - Sushi Plate Reservations for The Cultured Pearl Rooftop Deck