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The Cultured Pearl

A Tour of Japan’s Traditional Japanese Cuisine in a New Menu Every Sunday in 2014 at The Cultured Pearl Rehoboth, 301 Rehoboth Ave., Delaware (302) 227 4217.

From The Japanese Kitchen




A cabbage “pancake” showcasing any seafood or meat combination. Served with scallion, bonito flake, kewpie mayonnaise and a sweet okinomi sauce. Accompanied by beni shoga, a form of pickled ginger.

Two Styles of Okinomiyaki

Hiroshima Style with noodles

Osaka Style


Tonight we will offer an Ebi

Okinomiyaki ($8) in the

style of Osaka.



Okinomiyaki is enjoyed as a family meal

and as street food throughout much of Japan.



From Our Master Chef


Sawara Saikyo

Spanish Mackerel that has been grilled and then rubbed with a sweet miso sauce. Just prior to serving the miso sauce will be torched and

presented as either sushi ($8) or sashimi ($10).


This dish is enjoyed throughout all of Japan.

The fish may be locally caught but the

preparation and presentation is all Japanese!

Noodles (Men)


Noodles are a staple of the daily diet in Japan. Each style: udon, somen, soba, ramen…

has its own regional variations, each as

distinctive as it is delicious!



Tonight’s Men is Ramen ($7)


In the style of Eastern Japan around Tokyo. Featuring tender pork in a chicken

and pork stock with soft boiled egg,

menma (seasoned, stir fried bamboo),

wakame and scallion.

Perhaps my favorite thing to eat when in Japan!


Culinary Tour of Japan

Join us every Sunday for a different taste of
traditional Japanese cuisine!